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The traditional ladders of growth are now a thing of the past, the country continues to flourish in all three major sectors, agriculture, industry, and information technology.

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With an advent in technology and its influence in our daily lives, the technology industry is set to boom in the country over the next few years, as the requirement of skilled technicians and availability is highest in India.

This is a part of the circuitry which is present in almost every single electronic device we can see or think of, the sheer impact of such a technological advancement is staggering.

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This all started in the late 70s when two scientists were working on ways to make sure the computers they used were not bulky and use fewer wires. They stumbled браслеты от комаров монекс трейдинг the idea to use a single monolith of a semiconductor to make all the components out of it and, hence the first integrated circuit was born. Since then it has come from being able to handle a few logic gates to a few billion logic gates on a single chip, smaller than a grain of rice.

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These are used on the smartphones and computers of today, each serving a specific purpose but being a part of a system called the SOC system on a chip. The applications and implications of this technology are still not yet fully fathomed and could even bring about the next step in technological change, we are yet to witness браслеты от комаров монекс трейдинг our lifetime.

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The astonishing changes mean that there is still a long way to go in this field of technology, and if you are a student still confused as to which career path might be suitable браслеты от комаров монекс трейдинг you, this may very well be it.

The sure-fire way to find out is by taking up a VLSI internship for fresherswhich would give you detailed insightful knowledge on the subject and for you to understand if it is indeed the right path for you.

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The subject and the scope of VLSI in India are quite vast and the career paths you can choose are very much endless as well. With the country set to see a remarkable growth in the industrial sector, jumping into VLSI design and manufacture may just be the way to a long and gloried career.

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The demand for jobs in the industry will also not dip, despite the advent of automation. This is because the design process still needs the human touch and cannot rely on computer systems to get the design correctly. You will not regret taking up this subject and learning more in-depth about it.

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